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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Grumps and Honey in the hills

Indies love outdoors! Like most dogs, or perhaps even a little bit more!

Check out these pictures of Grumps and Honey and their humans Vidya and Samik, on a recent Sunday trek with other dogs and their owners. The place was Camp Temgarh, about 50 km away from Pune where they live.

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'The girls had a blast!' writes Vidya. 'They had such good fun. Grumps went around "protecting" her mum and dad from other over-enthusiastic canines who wanted to get a bit too friendly for comfort.

Honey was a big surprise. This was her first big social event and she was so calm, poised and sweet. I didn't dare leave them off-leash, but after a while we did, and they kept following us around.

Later we took a short trek to the nearby stream, where all the labradors jumped and swam, and got mucky and dirty, while the Indy girls sat at a distance and watched like VVIPs. The girls were fascinated by all the different smells in the woods - of the trees, the other dogs, other animals, cow pats, and of course dog urine.

Then when we were really tired, there was a campfire and we all sat around the fire with our respective packs while the organizer barbecued chicken and vegetables for everyone. The dogs really relished their meal after an exhausting but fun day.

We got home around 10.30 p.m. driving through dense jungle at night (scary). The dogs were so tired with all the activity, they weren't even interested in food!

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Text and photos: Vidya and Samik Biswas

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I noticed the similarities of INDog with our Potcake. I own a female potcake. They're native Caribbean dog breed, mostly found in Bahamas and here on Turks and Caicos, and they're a breed, although often mistaken as being mongrels, just like INDog. And both breeds are beautiful, at least IMO. I'm sending you a link about potcake dog:
I hope you like it!