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Thursday, August 25, 2016


Get ready for some of the cutest puppy photos in this blog! The competition is VERY stiff, as you'll know if you've been following all our other INpuppies!

Horace is a Mumbai-born INDog-mix, living with Scott Berry and his family in Olympia WA in the US. 

'He was rescued from a near-death bus collision at two weeks,' writes Scott. 'Our niece was in India and saw him about to be hit. She saved him, raised him there for a few months, and flew him back to the US. We took him in when he was about four months.'

Here's his puppy album with photos of him in India and in the US. There are lots of adorable photos of him, so more of his adult pictures will follow in a second post. He's so cute, it was tough to choose just a few!


Photos: Scott Berry and family
Olympia WA

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