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Monday, July 3, 2017

Jelly in all her glory

Revisiting Vandana's INDog family after quite a long gap. Here is Jelly, perched on high places in true landrace dog fashion, looking gorgeous as always!

Now only Jelly remains of beautiful Chocos's clan.

The beautiful, serene-looking area in which they lived (in Palakkad) turned out to be death-trap after all. The state of Kerala seems to have little law enforcement or decency where dogs are concerned, even pet dogs. In the last few years Chocos, her daughters and her friend Karumban fell victim to hostile and criminal neighbours, and there was one tragedy after another. 

In an earlier post I had admired the freedom and safety this family seemed to enjoy; so much better, it seemed, than the fate of our city INDogs confined to sofas and pavement walks. Now with great sadness I have to take back those words. 

Two other pet INDogs I knew of in Kerala also disappeared without a trace. 

I suspect the life of village dogs all over India will also change a lot over the coming decades, even in real villages. More humans = more free-ranging dogs = less tolerance for dogs, even when there is no conflict as in this case. 

Coming back to Jelly, she is now confined to her family's area, for her own safety, but she is still very lucky as we can see from the photos, and lives like a queen (and looks like one too, especially in the second photo!

Photos: Vandana SB


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