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Friday, February 6, 2009

Rave, Floyd and Max

This interesting pack belongs Omrita and Samar Nandi of Thane. The Nandis are great dog-lovers and look after any sick or injured dog in their neighbourhood. Three of their four dogs are rescued from the street. The fourth is a black labrador.

Max (below), an endearing mix-breed, was the first of the rescues. He was adopted four and a half years ago and is now five. He looks like a small labrador with very short legs - one of his parents was possibly a dachshund.

Next came the handsome INDog Floyd (below). He was a seven month old pup who was abandoned by his original owners sometime last July. The Nandis saw him while on the way to the bank. He had a black collar on and was clearly lost and frightened of the street dogs who had surrounded him. He had fever and the couple put him in an animal hospital. However, they removed him after two days, as there was a risk of his picking up an infection from the other dogs there. He was named after the band Pink Floyd. Floyd is very intelligent and has been given obedience training, so he follows many commands. He also runs very fast...Omrita tells me "Even a cheetah can't catch him!"

The newest member of this lively family is Rave (below). The Nandis were looking after a dog in their building society compound, Clara, and her litter of six. One day they found a new one- month-old puppy placed next to Clara's litter in a basket. Someone must have found him and put him next to Clara in the hope that she'd feed him. But Clara was hostile towards the new pup, and besides, he had a neck injury. So the Nandis took him home to treat him. He quickly struck up a friendship with Floyd. Since they couldn't find a good home for him they decided to keep him. The two dogs nearly wreck the house while playing, but Floyd also takes care of the little fellow and is a very caring "elder brother."

Photos: Omrita Nandi
Thane, Maharashtra

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