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This blog is for aboriginal dog enthusiasts. It is part of the INDog Project www.indog.co.in. Only INDogs (Indian Pariah Dog) and INDog-mixes (Indies) are featured here. The two are NOT the same, do please read the text on the right to understand the difference. Our aim: to create awareness about the primitive landrace village dog of the Indian subcontinent. I sometimes feature other landrace breeds too. Also see padsociety.org

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pups for adoption in Delhi

Just look at this lot! These are Moti (fat), Kali (black), Safedu (white) and nameless-so-far-puppy. They are all females, about four weeks old, and will probably grow up to be big dogs, judging by their parents' large size. They are being looked after by Brahmesh Srivastav.

Brahmesh adopted two dogs some months ago, so he has to put these four fat cuddly little things up for adoption. If you would like to take one home, please contact him on bramhesh@gmail.com

Photos: Brahmesh Srivastav
Noida (near Delhi)

Monday, May 18, 2009


Another lucky puppy saved from a grim fate. And another lucky person who got an INDog.

I have to admit, the best thing about this blog is that I get to interact with absolutely the nicest, kindest members of what I have come to believe is a degraded race. I mean us humans. (Go back to my post about the bloody-minded citizens of Meerut and you'll understand what I'm talking about).

The other wonderful thing about this blog is that I get emailed the cutest pictures. They keep me smiling. I don't have to put in the slightest effort to make the blog beautiful, with photos like this regularly coming in.

So, this little dog is Shalini and her rescuer is Nicole Poyyayil, who had earlier adopted Deepa. Deepa lives with Nicole's parents in Switzerland now.

Shalini was a healthy and playful pup when Nicole first saw her on a street in Navi Mumbai. Nicole started feeding her treats whenever they met.

But then she had to make a short trip out of town. When she returned and went to look for her, she found to her horror that the pup had become skeletal, so weak she could hardly stand, with lots of small wounds in her paws. The cause of her sudden illness remains a mystery.

Of course it was impossible to leave her on the street in that condition. From her vet Nicole heard about some people who looked after street dogs in their home, and she arranged to keep Shalini with them. But all the dogs there seemed to be chained all the time and Nicole wasn't very comfortable with the place.

She and her husband were about to shift to Ahmedabad, but they made a decision to adopt Shalini and take her with them.

With her life changed so dramatically for the better, Shalini started recovering.

They are all in Ahmedabad now, just settled into their new home.

One more great INDog story has just begun...

Photos: Nicole Poyyayil

Picolo needs a blood test done in Denmark for his immigration - please help if you can

I am posting a message from June Basar, who adopted beautiful INDog pup Picolo a few months ago. June is getting married and will have to shift to Denmark soon. But taking a dog into Denmark is extremely difficult, thanks to conditions for a blood test which are almost impossible to comply with in India. Please read June's message below for the details. Picolo's only chance may be if someone going to Denmark could carry his blood sample there for testing. If you know anyone going there, please contact June urgently.

If this doesn't work, Picolo will need a new home.

From June:

I need help, fast

  • If you are going to Denmark soon, can you please carry Picolo’s blood or enzyme sample? It is completely legit and I will provide permission papers from the vet in India, the lab in Denmark and the Danish border control.
  • Does anyone want to adopt the most handsome and loving dog in this whole wide world?
I have put up an appeal in my blog too:
  1. We found a very nice apartment in Copenhagen, but no pets allowed. We gave up the lease and hope to find another one that allows dogs. The real estate agent was very helpful, “Good Luck! Wait for 2 years”, is what has been offered so far.
  2. The Danish government needs a blood/enzyme sample test report which is at least 3 months old. We postponed our wedding so I could bring him with me to DK after 3 months of the test.
  3. Then I got a mail from the Danish border control saying the blood/ enzyme test has to be done only in a European Union approved lab, NONE of which are in India.
  4. Big problem, but we decided to ship his blood sample to the lab in Denmark. I was happy. Life was going as planned.
  5. Picolo needs a microchip identification implanted. It needs to be done on the SAME DAY as his rabies vaccination. His vaccination 2 months ago. But we can always give him another rabies shot and implant the microchip.
  6. There is only ONE courier company that agreed to ship his blood sample. It will cost me a minimum of 15000 Rupees (1650 DKK) Life is expensive, but life is still good.
  7. The courier company called again to say they do not take blood samples sent by an individual. It has be from a certified laboratory that does routine business with them. But there are no EU certified pet laboratories in India, which is why I need to send the sample to Denmark in the first place.
  8. Without the blood report, Picolo wont be allowed to enter Denmark.
June Basar

Friday, May 15, 2009

From Scott's India album

For a dog lover, I guess an India album inevitably becomes an INDog album...

Canadian photographer Scott Budgell and his wife lived in India for four years. He took these beautiful pictures on their travels around the country.

They now live in Toronto, with their pretty INDog-mix Durga and her pups.

Scott, thanks for this visual feast. You've made even the trash bins look wonderful!

Above and below: Wild in Hampi

Above and below: Varanasi

Above: Jaisalmer

Above: Gokarna

Above: Durga and Kanni
Below: Palolem gang

Photos: Scott Budgell
Toronto, Canada

Thursday, May 14, 2009


These lovely pictures were sent by Canadian photographer Scott Budgell, who adopted INDog-mix Durga and took her to Toronto a year ago.

Durga was one of a litter of six. Their parents were semi-strays looked after by Scott and his wife when they were living in Kodaikanal three years ago. Their mother was a German Shepherd mix. Durga's four brothers all got good homes, but Scott decided to adopt the two girls, Durga and Lakshmi. He and his wife had to leave India for ten months, and they had to make the tough decision of leaving the pups in the paid care of a guesthouse in Gokarna. Sadly, Lakshmi died while they were away.

After a year with Durga in Kodaikanal, the couple returned to Toronto taking her with them. Scott writes that she doesn't much care for the snow, but she likes all the people and friendly dogs there. She just had a beautiful litter of six pups.

Above: Durga and Lakshmi with their mother

Above: Durga with her father

Above: Durga and Lakshmi

Above: Durga with her caretaker in Gokarna

Above: Durga with her father, Kodaikanal

Above: Toronto winter

Below: Durga with her pups

Photos: Scott Budgell


Baloo is not only gorgeous, he's mastered the art of posing perfectly for portraits! Don't you love the expression in the second photo?

Click here for more of his photos.

Photos: Pradipta Kumar Pal


Pups in Kapurthala need homes

Kiran Anand sent these pictures of an absolutely adorable litter delivered by a street dog in Kapurthala, Punjab. If anyone would like to adopt them, please write to Kiran on ohye.tu.hain@gmail.com or activa.scooty@yahoo.com

Photos: Kiran Anand
Kapurthala, Punjab

Friday, May 8, 2009

Danny and Mickey need good homes

An appeal from Aarti Pamnani and Charu Shah:

had rescued three pups, who had wandered into her building, giving them food, love and care. She managed to get a home for one of the pups, but as usual, the other two still have not managed to get good homes.

Mickey and Danny are now five months old, and stay in the building compound, but the building residents are extremely cruel and keep hitting them. Aarti has got all their vaccinations done, and is also taking them for obedience training.

We are looking for homes for both these guys and if they can be adopted together, that will be great!

Anyone interested in adopting them, please contact Aarti on aarti_pamnani@hotmail.com or email me at shahcharu76@yahoo.com.

Please forward this mail to as many people as possible and help in getting these guys a home, the building may not allow them to stay for more than a few weeks!

Charu Shah, Aarti Pamnani

INDog pup for adoption, Mumbai

This adorable male pup was rescued by Disha Sharan. He is about six weeks old, very intelligent and a bundle of energy.

If you would like to adopt him, please email Disha on

Do spread the word among all the dog-lovers you know.

Photo: Disha Sharan

Powai, Mumbai

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Indy and the cat, Part 4

Another of my poorly-disguised attempts to sneak cats into this blog. (To see my former attempts, enter "The Indi and the cat" in the search box, top left).

This is my beautiful Tabbyrani with my nutty little INDog-mix Kimaya.

After a rocky start, the two have struck up a strange friendship, possibly because Kimaya was so persistent and Tabby got tired of slapping her.

The truth is, Tabbyrani is a very affectionate little thing, although she puts on that typically feline aloof act (funny how many humans get fooled by that...real cat people never buy it, and neither did Kimaya). She's always happy to be petted and cuddled, or in this case licked. Kimaya nibbles her a lot, searching for ticks and fleas I suppose.

Sometimes Tabbyrani gets annoyed and slaps her. This dog thing of sniffing behinds is NOT allowed.

Because of her resemblance to that largest of tabby cats, Tabbyrani's second name is "Vaghachi moushi," which in Marathi means "tiger's aunt." An explanation of this term is a little beyond my linguistic skills. It's just a folksy sort of tradition about cats. There is an equivalent in Bengali and probably other Indian languages as well.

They wander around the garden on strange secret missions, some of which possibly involve mice...I stay out of these things.


The Indy and the cat, Part 3

This is Nicole Poyyayil's Deepa, who now lives in Doerflingen, Switzerland, on Nicole's parents' farm (you can see more pictures here). The cute tabby cat is Mikesch.

Nicole's mother reports that Deepa uses Mikesch as a pillow and the cat doesn't seem to mind. But outdoors they behave like Tom and Jerry, and it isn't always clear who is who.

Click here for The Indy and the cat Part 1, and here for The Indy and the cat Part 2.

Photos: Nicole Poyyayil