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This blog is for aboriginal dog enthusiasts. It is part of the INDog Project www.indog.co.in. Only INDogs (Indian Pariah Dog) and INDog-mixes (Indies) are featured here. The two are NOT the same, do please read the text on the right to understand the difference. Our aim: to create awareness about the primitive landrace village dog of the Indian subcontinent. I sometimes feature other landrace breeds too. Also see padsociety.org

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

People throw stones at me - please give me a home!

These pictures and the appeal come from Nicole Poyyayil, who has already adopted two beautiful INDogs and is looking after street dogs Nils and Prem too. Poor Nils gets ill-treated for just being a dog, and for doing something most dogs of his age do: chewing shoes. Well, we all know by now that our country's reputation for tolerance is just a myth. So I'm depressed but not surprised by this latest sad story from Ahmedabad.

From Nicole: This is Nils, a very handsome and lovely mix-breed dog, presently living in my compound. He is less than one year old, has been dewormed and will be vaccinated and sterilized this week. He urgently needs a loving home and is waiting to become someone's best friend. Please help me find him a loving home to stay. He is not welcome in my neighbourhood since he damages shoes at night...people warned me to stop feeding him and alowing him to stay inside the compound. They want him to disappear as soon as possible...

He seems to be very much used to stay with humans but is scared of dominant dogs and rarely joins other street dogs in the area. He is a lovely dog, playful because of his young age, very attached to people who like him and he would be a perfect pet dog....please give him a chance!

If you would like to adopt Nils, please contact me on 91 96 875 242 69. Please help me find him a home before he gets badly injured, or worse!

"I hate people throwing stones at me, please take me home!!!"

"Whenever other street dogs spot me, they mostly attack me. I love to play with other young dogs but I'm scared of the big guys...

If you already have a dog, I can adjust very well. I also like children...I would be a perfect family dog."

"As you can see, I like chewing shoes...that's what we dogs like to do at this age...but if you take me to your home you could give me toys to chew and I'm sure your shoes won't be interesting to me.

People here hate me because of this habit and I really wish to find a safe and lovely place to stay..."

"This is me with one of my neighbour's shoes, after I'd finished playing with it..."

Please circulate this appeal. For information and adoption, contact Nicole on 91 96 875 242 69
or npoyyayil@yahoo.com


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Delhi pup needs a good home

A message from Sadhwi Sondhi, who works very hard to get street animals adopted:

This is an urgent appeal to find one puppy a good home. There were 6 puppies in the litter, 4 found good homes and one puppy went missing today morning. The neighbours are not very happy that the puppy is there and might hurt it. I do not want to leave the puppy at a shelter as I know that they do not have many resources.

The puppy is male, 1.5 months old, very playful, friendly, cute, healthy.
Please help us find a home as it's very urgent.

Contact Priyanka at +91 9910192255.

Attached is a recent picture of the puppy.

I really hope we all together can help save the life of this puppy!

Thanks a lot,

Sadhwi Sondhi

The Nayyar dogs

My friend Lakshmi Nayyar has succumbed to my nagging and sent me new photos of her lovely Sandy and Rani. Earlier photos here.

Two years after that first post, Sandy's favourite place is still the armchair beside the piano, and Rani is still, er, rotund. Sandy is an active boy, always ready to go for a walk. He likes attention but doesn't like being fussed over, unlike Rani.

Rani is the empress, pampered by the family, and very fond of her food and bed! Hmmm, sounds like someone in my own family (hint: look up a recent post titled "Couch Potato"). She loves to sit with the building security guards and watch the world go by. Loves meeting new people, and most of all she loves bullying Sandy. But he is a calm, zen doggy and doesn't take her seriously. Once he's on his chair, he knows he's out of her reach because she can't jump up!

Photos: Lakshmi Nayyar

Monday, December 14, 2009

Turbo Snow Dog, continued

Tropical pup Pete beautifully adapted to his snowy new habitat!

Photos: Sarah O'Neill
Fitzroy Harbour,

Pete's first winter in Canada

Even after seeing so many pictures of INDogs and INDog-mix dogs in snow (Deepa, Otis and Radha, Otto, Fida, Tara...) I am still amazed by Sarah's video of Pete romping around in the Canadian winter.

His new nickname is Turbo Snow Dog.

Click here for earlier posts on Pete.

Video: Sarah O'Neill, Ryan Carman
Fitzroy Harbour,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Help Molly!

This message comes from Sadhwi Sondhi, Delhi:

Please help find Molly a home in Delhi. We need to find her a home within the next 48 hours before the foster parents leave for Europe.

Contact Natascha (98 999 77 020)

Name: Molly (but can be changed)!
Born: Rose Garden in Hauz Khas Park, New Delhi
When: About 5 weeks ago
Look: Incredibly cute
Sex: Female


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Golu needs a home - Delhi

A message forwarded by Shampa Dasgupta:

Adorable Golu is looking for a loving home in Delhi. Golu is 2 months old and a very active, healthy and loving puppy. He has learnt some basic commands and has been dewormed too.

He is being brought up by AWF executive member Ms. Bonnie Bhattacharya. Please contact sangeeta.malhotra@gmail.com, shruti.saxena@gmail.com, bonnie.bhattacharya@gmail.com for further details on this adoption.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Help Ewalk find a home

(Click on the poster to enlarge it)

Ewalk, is a medium size dog, he's got lots of energy, is quite quick and intelligent, has had all his necessary shots, has been neutered, and is loving towards almost anything living. He is a very sweet dog, and we are very sad to not be able to accommodate him anymore.. but lack of space and time is unfair to his happy life so far.

Robin and Vernon - 9819029476