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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lucky and his younger fans

Amit Parmar just sent in these cute photos of his Lucky with lots of young friends. 

"I visit your blog and feel very good that now more people are adopting Indies," writes Amit. "But still many people I come across consider INDogs aggressive and unable to get along with children. My Lucky used to have a problem because he has a very loud high-pitched bark that  scared people. Many people from our society and neighbourhood would restrict their kids from coming near him, though he is very gentle with children. It took some time but people around finally understood his personality and now the kids enjoy his company."

Looks like Lucky enjoys their company too. 

Socialization is EVERYTHING, so Indy owners, please please get your dogs used to children in early puppyhood!

What a perfect dog this is, affectionate with kids and a great security dog. Read this post about how he prevented a robbery two years ago. All I can say is Amit's pretty lucky too. 

Photos: Amit Parmar

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