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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Babu at the Academy of Fine Arts

More on Kathmandu-born Babu's experience as an artists' model in Maastricht! 
From proud owner Severine Gagnieu:

'At the end of last year, Babu, 14 years old, got asked to model at the Academy of Fine Arts of Maastricht. 

This was for the section "scientific illustration" where advanced students have to study dogs' anatomy. Babu was the lucky dog to be chosen for this purpose.

This unusual drawing class lasted two hours and Babu did it perfectly.

After having inspected the classroom and met the new people around him, he went back to lying on his comfy blanket just as if he were at home. 

Teacher Jacques Spee explaining the anatomy of a dog to the students

He just shifted his side from time to time or walked around a little before lying down again...but he kept quiet enough to give the students the opportunity to make very good drawings. 

Of course he got a lot of attention from everyone...and I think he wouldn't mind doing this over again.

I wish to thank the students and great artists who allowed me to take pictures of the beautiful drawings they made of Babu and to share them on the internet with the INDog fan club.

Some of the brilliant drawings below!'

Babu by Maja Marcic

By Maja Marcic

By Menno Balm

By Menno Balm

By Menno Balm
By Sonja Pawliczek

By Eva Strikkers

By Eva Strikkers

By Eva Strikkers

Text and photos: Severine Gagnieu, Eva Strikkers
The Netherlands
Drawings: Maja Marcic, Menno Balm, Sonja Pawliczek, Eva Strikkers

Please do not use images or content from this site without permission and acknowledgment 

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