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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rani's story

Rani is a very special dog with all the grit and adaptability Indies are known for. Read about her remarkable journey from the streets of Delhi, through shelter and foster care, to her final home with doting owners Janneke and Rick Scholtes in the Netherlands.  

Written by Rani's friend, Sara Casapulla:

Rani was an ownerless INDog-mix aged between seven and nine years, living on a very busy road in south Delhi, fed by Good Samaritans passing by and slum dwellers living on the same pavement.

She was happy, even though she didn't have a roof above her head. She had freedom and enjoyed watching cars and people passing by. 

Till one sad day...it was late at night, and Rani was sleeping in the street as usual, when a speeding car hit her. 

Rani was screaming in pain, and two animal rescuers happened to pass by at that very moment. They picked her up immediately and took her to an animal shelter nearby. 

She had a fractured leg. The vet put a simple bandage on it and decided to keep her at the shelter till she recovered. She was put in a cage with two other dogs. Rani was a wise dog and adjusted to her new environment immediately, though she didn't like other dogs. 

Days passed, and Rani was still in that cage...her leg not healing at all. 

I was paying visits to her regularly and decided to help her, as she didn't seem to be recovering at the shelter. I showed her to my vet who said that sadly it was too late; her leg would not heal any more, and she had to live with three legs for the rest of her life now. 

I couldn't put Rani back in the street as it would have been too dangerous. I didn't want to leave her in a local shelter to finish her life either. So I decided to foster her until she found a caring family who would love her for the rest of her life.

She was sharing my small flat in Delhi with my two Indies Maya and Chicca (also rescued from the streets in India), and she was very happy to have someone caring for her, as she was an extremely affectionate dog. Unfortunately I was moving back to Europe and I could not bring her with me as I already had Maya and Chicca. Being alone it would have been difficult to have three dogs, specially with a full-time job and no help at all. So I left her in the loving care of two friends staying in Delhi who kindly offered to foster her, while I tried to find her a new home.

The separation was very difficult for both of us as I had got very attached to her. But I knew if I didn't find her the perfect family, I would have adopted her, once settled down in my new life in Switzerland. However I didn't want to give up and contacted all the animal rescues I knew and asked them for help. 

Finally a very well-known Dutch association, AAI, which homes street and abandoned animals from different countries (mostly Spain and Turkey) with loving families in the Netherlands, took up Rani's case.

Once all the certificates and vaccinations to travel were ready, a volunteer from the rescue flew from Amsterdam to Delhi to pick Rani up, and together they flew to the Netherlands!

It was a very long journey and Rani did not like the change in the beginning. She found herself with strangers in a very cold country and it took her some time to adapt. A dedicated volunteer fostered and nursed her back to health, waiting for the perfect forever family to come forward.

Forever family!

And one fine day a couple of Dutch animal activists, Janneke and Rick, saw Rani's picture on the association's website and instantly fell for her! They had always kept rescued animals. When they met her at her foster home they decided she would be part of their family along with their rescued cats. 

Rani was very happy to go with Rick and Janneke even though it took her some time to adjust to the two cats (she would normally chase them). But fortunately (and how!) Rani spends the whole day with her dad, as she is allowed to go to his work place with him! They go to his office together by bike; she has a special carrier and loves to sit inside. 

While dad works - he is a consultant for sustainable building - she does the easy life, sunbathing by the window, sleeping on her pillow or getting petted by his colleagues! 

On weekends she goes to the sea or to the forest with mum and dad. 

She recently went to Luxembourg with them and when she was too tired to walk, she would be carried comfortably in a backpack!

Rani has also attended two training courses which she passed successfully and has received two diplomas already! She will soon start a third course as she seems to enjoy the classes and  learning new things.

Rani's rescue is a real miracle as she could not have found a better home. 

She has also planned a trip to Switzerland this summer to meet her old friends from India: Maya, Chicca and me!

Story: Sara Casapulla
Photos: Rick and Janneke Scholtes, Sara Casapulla

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deekay said...

This is a real heart warming story, Love n regards to All of u, thanks for posting :-)

Anonymous said...

This blog really inspire and motivate me

Monalisa said...

Its such a heartwarming stoy,lucky gal,feeling tooo proud to be a momma to 5 Indies :-) they are the Best

Samir said...

true dog lovers. i salute them ...............

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This is beautiful <3