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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Another lovely and lucky little girl who got the perfect home she deserved! 

Kuttu is about four years old and lives with Prasanna and his family.

Prasanna tells us how she entered their lives:

She came in cowering with downcast eyes on the night of Buddha-Poornima. 

She was hiding from the other street dogs in the neighbourhood behind pots outside our house. There was a case of mange developing on her left foot which I mistook at the time for a dog bite. 

She had a blue collar so I presumed she was either abandoned or lost. I took her in for the night in the hope that someone would come looking.

I have always been partial to street dogs and never understood why people picked foreign pedigreed dogs over them. It felt like a renewed chance to help that cause. So we kept her!

She remained very docile with us. Only ate when she was offered food. Did not over-eat. Remained alert. 

But she never barked. 

This left us wondering since it had been 20 or 25 days and we hadn't heard her bark. At one point we assumed she was perhaps mute. 

There was something inherently human about this. She realized that she needed to be accepted before she could say anything. It melted our hearts when we first heard her bark.

I had her vaccinated and checked for the mange. The vet mentioned she was perfectly healthy. He felt she was a mix of Spitz and INDog. He said it would be best to adopt her.

This put us in a spot. My dad is a cancer survivor and my mother suffers from a degenerative neurological disorder. So it was a difficult decision to adopt a dog that needed care and attention, which my parents didn't feel fully prepared for. 

But it wasn't in my heart to give her away to the municipality. My sister and I tried to locate the owners through various means. 

Meanwhile Kuttu (the only name she responded to) developed quite a friendly relationship with us all. She was like a lovable and cheerful child in the house. A great companion to my parents who have never felt down when she is around and lively. She is playful, docile and very obedient. 

She had won us over and there was no second thought after that. She lives with us and we are happy to have her among us.

Story and photos: Prasanna Santhanam

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She looks a lot like my dog brownie who is also an indog :)

Lakshmi said...

what a beauty! It is a win-win situation for all! :)

Bubla Basu said...

What a lovely story and what a beautiful dog!


Beautiful story and it's gorgeous kuttu😍