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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Shalini and Somu: settled in

Nicole sent these recent photos of Shalini and Somu, now well settled into their new life.

Shalini has started walks in the woods, often without leash, and behaves very nicely! Somu suffered ill-treatment as a pup and is a much more nervous dog, but Nicole is working on making him calmer. 

Shalini even did some sleuth work recently!

'Shalini helped today to find an escaped Collie, who ran into an electric cow fence and then ran away in panic,' Nicole writes.

'I took her along for the search and we knew the forest where the dog was last seen. At a junction I asked her "where is the dog" and she smelled and looked up the hill. It turned out that the missing dog indeed went that way and they found him an hour later.'

Enjoy their latest photos:

Shalini: classic INDog

Out walking

In the woods

Getting some rest

Somu, beautiful INDog-mix

'But it's only 11...too early to get up on a sunday!'

Photos: Nicole Poyyayil

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Anahita Batra said...

cute dogs.
I appreciate your acknowledgement for the awareness about pariahs and mongrels.
read my post on stray dogs in India at http://holdapaw.blogspot.in/2014/11/our-pawsome-stray-friends.html