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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Sumo lives in Pattukottai, Tamil Nadu, with his humans Senthilkumar and his mother. What a gorgeous little boy!

Senthilkumar wrote in about him:

'My mother and I planned to raise a pup for our home. Instead of buying one, we decided to adopt a pup. A few days after making this decision, we heard from one of our neighbours that a dog had delivered pups some distance from our home.

I went to take a look at the pups, but unfortunately the mother had sneaked them out of sight under a drainage canal. 

Then we had a week full of rain in our region. Early one morning I saw the mother carrying two of her pups, one by one in her mouth (eyes closed, still so young) and hiding them in a drainage canal near my house. These drainage canals I mention have water in them only during rainy days, not all the time.

I was quite concerned because I had heard the dog had had four or five pups, and now she had brought only two! I asked my neighbours about it and heard a horrible thing: some pups had been carried away in the flowing rain water during the previous night's heavy showers. The dog had only been able to save these two pups. I felt very sad about this and tried to help the mother, but she got very stressed and hostile and I had to leave them, because she had selected a good hiding place this time: the drainage canal near my house is always empty, even during rain. 

Then after some weeks I saw the two pups playing in the road. They were now able to run around. When I went near them they hid in the drainage canal again. My mother decided we would keep one of the pups, and give the other to my grandfather's home. We had heard that the mother dog had bitten some people before her delivery, so we had to be careful while picking up the pups. We managed to pick up one, but the mother saw us and got stressed and ran towards us barking. She picked up the second pup and carried it away to some distant place. So we got only one pup. 

He was two months old when we picked him up. My mother named him Sumo, because he walked like a sumo wrestler!

After that we consulted a vet. He prescribed calcium syrup and deworming for him. And we are giving him all his vaccinations.

Sumo is now three and a half months old. He sleeps most of the day and plays at night. He's very nice with us all,  and wags his tail at all our guests. He shows a lot of affection towards all of us. He does nip our legs, but I hope that will stop as he grows up. He is so eager to discover new things. As a result of his teething he has damaged some items but I know that is a puppy thing. 

Oh, and he is a good jumper!'

Story and photos: Senthilkumar R
Tamil Nadu

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thrishul h said...

u separated mother from pup bad u could have waited for 2 moe months

Rajashree Khalap said...

Thrishul h, do you suggest he should have waited for the pups to get killed in car hits? I presume you've noticed what happens to most puppies on the road. Two months is old enough for a puppy to be taken from its mother.

thrishul h said...
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malliga jayaraj said...

Hi Senthil,
Congratulations! Sumo looks one prince.

Can you guide me on feeds and socialising the pup?

We adopted a motherless pup, probably 3 weeks old, following Chennai floods. She is Cookie and an angel..

Thanks a lot

thrishul h said...

Kudoes Maliga i dont much but plz dont forget to sprayed at around 8 months.


Hi malliga ma'am, Thanks and yes he is a handsome boy.sure I can help you to build her up, I also witness the flood, it's a horrible disaster.And I thank you for saving a life (cookie) in that situation.you said that she was just 3 weeks old when you take her to your home,so she might not able to take her mom's milk(Immune and basic calcium like basic stuffs that need for a pup only available in that milk). Did you get her to any vet? because they might suggest some medicines for her lack of calcium like things and de-worming medicine. Probably she will be 1 and half month now. till 2 and half months I fed only milk (5-7 times a day) to my pup.because of their lack of teeth and they can't digest solid food without chewing them properly.In socialising first you have to intro her to a friendly dog in a safe environment,take her in your hands and show her to that dog if (s)he responded friendly then you can let her play to that dog, naturally adult dogs don't attack pups with any reason, but you have to careful at first time.SORRY for late reply.once again thanks for adopting a Indian pup.If you need further help you can contact me in e-mail @starsenthilr@gmail.com