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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Foxy Junior is our first Indy princess of 2016! 

Manav Pandey wrote in about this dainty, elegant INDog-mix:

'On a rainy evening in the suburbs of Mumbai, I met a pregnant Indy with the largest ears you could find for her size. I named her Foxy. 

In a matter of weeks Foxy had a litter of five beautiful, noisy puppies.

Now in Mumbai I have been volunteering with a non-profit organization that helps street animals. They biannually organize an 'Adoptathon'. So when the pups were about three months old, I took them for the Adoptathon. After an exciting and amazing day, I had four puppies adopted. Just one remained with me and I was worried about having to leave her back on the streets. But she was a fighter. Along with her mother, she survived till the next Adoptathon.

After an excruciating day, I was again about to take the pup back to the street, when an amazing lady, Mrs Bajaj, offered to take her to her farmhouse. She just needed me to get the pup spayed. But to my misfortune, the puppy went on heat for the first time in her life and couldn't be spayed immediately. I had to convince my parents that I'd have to foster her at our house, otherwise all my work would go waste.

Then began the process of fostering and attachment. 

Three and a half months later, Foxy was totally adopted by my whole family! They all adored her and cried at the idea of her going away!

She is the sweetest naughty little girl. She's named after her mother: Foxy Jr. Pandey.

She has changed a lot since she became our pet. She was an introvert and a silent baby and now it's just the opposite. Our lady has a wonderful place on the balcony from where she watches over her kingdom, from our third-floor house. She's a watchful self-proclaimed guardian of her 'territory' on the street below. She is very noisy and will bark at every dog and human. 

She is the life of our family. She has quite a personality. She's closest to my mother and gets quite jealous if we go close to her. She is still very playful.

She's the best thing that has happened to us!'

Story and photos: Manav Pandey

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Great job Pandey, you just changed her world by keeping her with you.Congrats

Manav Pandey said...

Why thank you Mr Kumar, although quite frankly, its she who has changed our world in every way possible.