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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Horace, Continued...

Now, the grown-up Horace, from his photo album! In case you missed his puppy photos, here they are!

This cute Mumbai-born INDog-mix lives with Scott Berry and his family in Olympia, WA, in the US.

Thanks for the photos, Scott!

Photos: Scott Berry
Olympia WA

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Friday, November 11, 2016

King Tommy at Scruffts!

BIG news from star Indy Tommy and Monique!! 

Beautiful Tommy has been a stellar ambassador for INDogs and INDog-mixes since he was first adopted: he is a certified, working Therapy Dog, champion in his training class, AKC Canine Good Citizen; and a show winner. Kudos to Monique for her dedicated campaign to earn respect for Indies, and to both of them for the years of hard work they have put in! 

Read about King Tommy in these earlier posts:

King Tommy: rosettes and training!

And Monique's exciting account of his latest win: Most Handsome Dog at Scruffts, UK!

Monique's story below:

From Goa to Crufts!

It has been a great summer for King Tommy the show dog. Besides the fact that he is seven years old this year, he has continued to take the English novelty shows by storm, and to top it all he became Best in Show in Cornwall!

But there was one rosette missing...

The Scruffts competition is the crossbreed show organized by the Kennel Club of the UK, to allow crossbreed dogs from all over the country to enter and get their minute of fame in the show ring. It's for non-professionals, families and people who love their dog. It's becoming very popular and getting a lot of attention.

There was a qualifying heat in Plymouth, not far from where we are, and a dog trainer suggested we enter in 'Most Handsome Dog'. I found it silly because he is seven and a little bit overweight; he usually enters in 'Best Rescued Dog' - but the trainer insisted. And off we went! You have to win the qualifiers to get to the Semi Finals in London. And then you have to win the Semi Finals to get to the Finals at Crufts.

With a brand new collar, lead and bow tie, we entered the ring. Another 30 dogs were there to qualify as well and the judge looked sternly at all of us.

There is no breed description - they are all crossbreeds - and many are so-called designer dogs - so the judge has to choose a temperament, looks, whether the dog is well-behaved and obedient.

Would we have a chance to show the world what a great Indian dog King Tommy really is?

We turned on the Tommy charm, and he posed like a real pro.

We're called to step forward to the final six, come on Tommy! And then the judge chose 3rd place, 2nd place...still nothing. And the winner is...King Tommy!!!!

Instead of behaving like people in England do, smile and gently place my dog on the 1st place podium, I ran to the judge, an elderly man dressed in tweed, hugged him, kissed him and yelled out 'I love you!'

We're in! We're going to London to the Semi Finals!!!!

'Three months later we were on our way to London in tow with a journalist. A friend sponsored us with a nice hotel room. We had also been chosen to participate in a documentary about Scruffts for English TV, so it was a full agenda we had in front of us.

Being groomed for the big day!

On the way to London!

On D-Day the journalist and a couple of friends, including Rochelle Lucas who owns beautiful Indy Kala, all met up with us at the show grounds in London. The TV crew had filmed us on the way to the show. I clearly stated on camera that 'we are not the underdogs, we are the top dogs!'

Tommy had been professionally groomed and looked impeccable. Needless to say, another new collar, lead and bow tie were in place this time. 

The TV crew all admired his calm when they put a harness with a GoPro on him to film us going into the show from the dog's point of view.

We were ready. All my friends and Rochelle with a big camera all went to the ring to see us make it or break it.

Needless to say, I started to feel the pressure build up and started to cry before we went into the ring.

'You have to go in, NOW!'

And Tommy turned on his magic again, he trotted in, proud and tall, and I could notice the judge looking twice at him.

Marina Scott is a world champion handler and TV commentator on dog shows; she was our judge, young and different from other judges.

She went to each dog (there were 15 other qualifiers from all the UK) and kneeled down to greet them.

When it was our turn a microphone appeared and I was asked to tell about Tommy's life and his achievements. I start talking and then I looked down at Tommy to see him playing with the judge. Not sure it's a good thing or a bad thing.

The judge smiled and walked on.

My friends did the thumbs up, all seemed to go well.

But you never know. Because Tommy is so unusual looking the judges either love him or hate him. 
And then, in front of the large audience, Marina had to decide.

3rd place, not us. 2nd place, not us. 1st place...And the winner is...'KING TOMMY!!!'

And again I picked up my King and ran around kissing and hugging everyone I saw!

The judge gave Tommy a hug and again I had a microphone put in front of me. I had to say something, and I dedicated this win to all our Indian dogs.

Tommy, ever the calm dog, posed like a pro in front of the cameras, the TV crew, and everyone wanted to touch him and take a photo.

We are going to Crufts!

On March 2017 we will battle it out with the other five finalists (Prettiest Bitch, Best Rescue, Golden Oldie, Good Citizen Dog, Child's Best Friend). 

Meanwhile the TV crew will come and film us here in Devon and the journalist will have three articles about Tommy in Dogs Monthly.

This is an amazing moment and we feel so honoured to represent Indies and INDogs at Crufts. Meanwhile, we have to survive our first (and most likely last!) English winter...

Thank you to Rochelle Lucas, Anna Wells and Tony Vickers for the photos!

Story: Monique G Nerman
Photos: Rochelle Lucas, Tony Vickers, Anna Wells, Monique G Nerman

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The K Gang trek to Subedar Falls

Our photos from an outing in the monsoons! 

We went with a small group of Kiran's friends.

Subedar Falls is in the Sahyadri mountains, and not far from Mumbai. It's a pretty place and an easy walk, though you have to clamber over rocks to cross the second stream and reach the waterfall (neither Kiba nor I cared for that part). Sitting near the falls was very nice though, and so was the walk across the fields. 

We were guided by two young men from the nearby village Sandshi. A very friendly village dog came along with them; probably owned by one of the men. Kiba is not at all friendly with other dogs, so we took care to keep some distance between the two of them. We had packed the K Gang's lunch and carried it with us, and we gave some to our cute canine guide too. You can see him in the background in the pictures below.

The Gang LOVE these outings; all the new sights, smells, fresh air, exercise!

If you're new to this blog, you might like some of our earlier family outing posts:

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The K Gang at sea

NOTE: The top priority must be to keep your dog safe. Some things to remember if you'd like to take your dog/s trekking:
  • If you are not a regular trekker, it's best to get an experienced trekker to accompany you
  • Make sure to carry at least 2 litres of cool water (thermal bottles are nice) and a bowl 
  • Some basic medication in case of cuts and scratches, and a vet-recommended anti-histamine just in case of bad insect bites or stings
  • Avoid forested areas with possible leopard presence 
  • Get a local guide if necessary; getting lost will not be fun 
  • Let your dog rest if he wants to; never force him to walk if he needs a break
  • Avoid trekking in hot weather
  • Stick to the path and don't let your dogs go deep into long grass; there may be snakes
  • Feed your dogs one or two hours before leaving your home. Avoid feeding them during the trek or during any other strenuous exercise. 

Subedar Falls

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Monday, November 7, 2016


Jackie is the first Indy I know of in Russia! Isn't he handsome?

This lovely INDog is from Palolem, Goa, and now lives in St Petersberg with owner Maria Shuvarikova and her other dog Jess.

'There isn't an adoption story,' Maria said, when I asked her for one. "It is a sharing-breakfast love story. 

The boy is so adorable!' 

Jackie in Goa
In St Petersberg with Maria's other dog, Jess
Winter is coming, and soon the dogs will be in sweaters and boots! Here they are in the first snow in St Petersberg!

 Photos: Maria V Shuvarikova
St Petersberg

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