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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Goodbye sweet Katie

In February 2008, two gorgeous Indies appeared on the Martha Stewart Dog Show in NYC. They were Yvonne de Kock's Leela and Caroline Walker's India. Yvonne talked about Indian Pariah Dogs and how unique they are.

Another woman named Yvonne, in another part of the US, watched the episode with great interest, because she had adopted a dog from India too - a beauty named Katie, who happened to look quite a lot like Leela!

She 'googled' Indian Pariah Dogs and found our project. And that's how Katie first appeared in this blog, back in 2008.

You can see her adorable puppy photos and read about her in these posts:

Katie revisited
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And today she makes her last, and posthumous, appearance in this blog. Katie passed peacefully in March, just short of her 16th birthday. 

Her health had degenerated and she was put to sleep to prevent more suffering. 'She had lost mobility in her back legs, and could no longer get up and down stairs or out to the yard,' writes Yvonne. 'She was losing her vision as well and had developed a sizeable growth on her thigh. The decline was quick....She passed away gently with her head cradled in my arms.'

Here is her last photo:

Goodbye, beautiful sweet Katie 💜  You made your family very happy. It's been an honour to feature you here!

Photo: Yvonne Koch
Minnesota, USA

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Lee Sverkerson said...

Deep and sincere condolences from me (another Minnesotan) and my two Guys, both from the streets of Pune - Samson and Achilles. They/we split time between South Minneapolis and Park Rapids. Let us know if you ever neeed a shot of Indie dog affection and are in the neighborhood. As you know, they are the sweetest canines ever and I grieve your loss, Yvonne. Katie and you were very good for each other, I'm sure.

Lisa K said...

I have an In dog Ruby from Hyderabad and we live in Pittsburgh, PA. Katie was a beautiful pup and I am sure that she had such a wonderful life with you and that you and your family miss her terribly. Katie and your family were lucky to have found each other.

Lisa K