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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sophie at four

Every year I get an update about beautiful Indy princess Sophie. 

I'm late posting this one - her human sent it nearly two months ago (so sorry for the delay, Sophie and Sophie's human!) 

For those who haven't met her before, here are her earlier stories:

Sophie's choice
Sophie at three

As you can see, she's as pretty as ever!

'Yes, Sophie the little Goa Indy is four years old now,' writes her human.

'And not so little any more...

She celebrated her fourth birthday in September with some delicious red velvet cupcakes, her absolute favourite.

And I thought to send across some pictures of her doing her usual things with her  human and animal friends. For those who are following her story.

So here are some more pics of her, at her South Goa residence, with her friend and elder sister Annie, our nine-year old white rescue cat, and two of the neighbourhood indies, Brownie and the grey-buff girl Piquen, which means "small one" in Portuguese.

Enjoy the photos!'

Waiting for family
Morning sunbath with Annie
Chilling on a Sunday afternoon with Annie

With Brownie and Piquen

Text and photos: David

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