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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Say hello to Major, commonly known as Mayj! 

Our latest Indy cutie lives in Ahmedabad with his human Parijat Pandya. 

He's clearly perfected that doe-eyed melting look we Indy owners know well...the key to getting away with pretty much anything. The bat-ears are adorable too!

Parijat's description of him reminds me of Mr Kiba of the K Gang. Read on, and enjoy the pictures!

'I came across this beauty almost two years ago. Before that I was really scared of dogs', writes Parijat. 'He is a bit of work and a huge pain in the neck, but I love him.

My friend was going to give an exam. She had a little time so she stopped by an ATM to withdraw some cash. She found Mayj in an obscure corner of the parking lot, almost bleating. He had many injuries, including dog bites and a fractured shoulder, that we think was caused by a scooter hit. He was covered in ants. She picked up this little thing, who literally fit inside a size 6 shoe box. 

We gave him to someone who was ready to adopt him, but that didn't work out. 

He came to live with me for two days, aaaaaand....here we are, close to two years of love, bites, and stolen chicken kebab (resulting in acute diarrhoea).'

Text and photos: Parijat Pandya

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