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Thursday, March 22, 2018


Remember beautiful Foxy? She was in this blog two years ago 😊

(In case you're new to this blog, you can read about her here).

Her human Manav wrote in with some BIG news. 

'My Foxy has turned five, and she has a new friend to play with. YUKI!

Same colour and coat pattern but different features.

So here's what happened. There are these new young tenants who've moved into my building, and I've been friends with them for a few months now. 

They'd been asking me to join them to party for a while. So one time at the end of January I did.

We went out and had a few beers and by the end of the evening, around 2.30 a.m. we left and headed to Powai for a dosa. 

There at the dosa stand I saw many dogs and obviously started pampering them. Now note, I was sitting on the sidewalk after my gluttonous streak of three dosas, and this really tiny three or four-month old puppy sees me call her. Wags her cropped tail, let's me pat her.

And I lifted her up and placed her on my lap, and she put her head on my forearm and slept for 15 minutes straight. I felt the connection immediately.

I fell in love.

I couldn't put her back there for anything.

I thought I'd get her adopted or something. But she was such a sweet-natured loving baby that I just had to keep her.

Yuki means "happiness" in Japanese. That's what she fills my life with. That's what she has filled us all with. And tricked us into adopting her with that cute face and yap.

I was planning to leave for Dubai next year but I think I will have to sacrifice that. I'm ready to do that I think.

Foxy couldn't adjust to her for the first few weeks. But now they are inseparable. Yuki has changed my violent short-tempered Foxy into a playful loving older sister. And Foxy has lost weight too, playing for at least an hour or two every day.'

 Text and photos: Manav Pandey

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