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Thursday, January 24, 2019


Here's one more cutie! His name is Charlie and he lives in Gauhati with his human, Rakesh R V Bharali.

'I found him in a drain in very bad condition,' Rakesh tells me. 

'He was one month old at the time. I picked him up and brought him home. He was given medical treatment and is now fine. He's three months old now.'

Another beautiful lucky puppy. I simply can't get enough of those. 

Photos: Rakesh R V Bharali

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We have quite the INDog blitz this month. What a treat!

Next up is pretty Putu, who lives in Shantiniketan, West Bengal. She was an orphaned pup, but like all our blog puppies she is now a pampered member of a human family. She also has a best friend, who happens to be feline!

These photos were sent to me by her human Prithwi Hazra. You can see many more on Facebook where she has her own very popular page @putu.the indi pup 

Incidentally I'm very happy to see hundreds of people using the term 'indi/indie' nowadays! It's a term first used by me, in this blog, as a derivative of 'INDog.' I think I first used it in a post about my dear friend Leela, in 2008. 

Photos: Prithwi Hazra
West Bengal
@putu.the indi pup 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


This is a very special and deeply moving story sent to me by Gunjan Pai. 

My greatest respect for the man who saved this puppy's life, and for his brave lovely family.

Thank you for sharing this with us, Gunjan 💜

'We literally picked up Coffee, our 17-day Indie, while returning from a morning walk in Kolkata,' writes Gunjan.

'While the docs gave up, my husband chose not to.

'We nursed her for weeks until she was totally maggot-free and healthy. By then, we fell in love with her and welcomed her to our home in Mumbai.

'Why I choose to share this story now is because I lost my husband last month a little after Coffee turned one. While he passed on, he has left behind a life he loved and saved - one that spreads joy into our lives, unconditionally.

'That's our story and we just want to make the world a little happier through it :) '

Text and photos: Gunjan Pai

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Ready for the next post? We have several lined up this month. And of course all the dogs are beautiful!

Here's lovely Jilu, a one year old INDog who lives with her adoring human Sayari Parui and her family.

'I found Jilu on 28 December, 2017,' says Sayari. 'I was coming home from visiting one of my friends, and I was kind of thinking "I have to do something great today." Looking into the street back there I found a puppy so weak that she looked as if she were dying. I felt I must do something to save her life. So that's when I took the decision to adopt her.

My age is only 15 years so there was a risk that my parents would not accept my decision. We are a small family, just me, my father and my mum, and now suddenly I wanted to bring home a puppy. So this was a risk for me, but at the same time my mind was like "No, I should save her life."

She was literally shaking in the cold and she couldn't even walk. It was so sad to see. I managed to pick her up and I put her in a plastic bag and when I reached my house I hid her in my school bag and went up to my room, thinking "If I manage to convince my mum, and if my mum agrees to keep her, everything is going to be alright."

And amazingly my mum actually agreed! So that's how I got my soulmate, my Jilu!

There was one incident with Jilu that was terrible and heartbreaking. That was on 23 April, 2018. She was playing upstairs with her rubber ball, and suddenly her right hind leg got trapped between bricks. She was frightened and nearly broke her leg twisting it. She was in so much pain she cried and wouldn't eat. She wouldn't let us touch her for some time. The next day her veterinarian prescribed medicines for her and after a few weeks she was able to walk and run as she used to, and was back to normal.'

Lots of photos below!

Story and photos: Sayari Parui
West Bengal

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Hello everyone! Meet Badshah, a gorgeous one-year-old INDog from Kolkata!

His proud human Priyam Kumar Dey sent in lots of adorable photos of him.

'Badshah was one of ten puppies that had been abandoned in a drain,' Priyam writes. 

A kind lady rescued them. They were about 18 days old. I adopted Badshah from her when he was a bit younger than 30 days old.

'He is a quick learner but an independent-minded dog. He learned sit, stay, fetch, and also got house-trained by the time he was three months old. 

He doesn't have separation anxiety either. He can stay on his own for a few hours without making a sound. 

He's good with kids, and doesn't run away when he is off-leash.

Badshah is quite a celebrity too! He's been featured in a book of funny poems about Indian dogs and cats, called "Marshall in my Rosogolla", by Smita Velkar. He's also been featured in a Facebook group called 'Tales from the Streets'. 

'Check out his photo album, from puppy days till now!'

Photos and story: Priyam Kumar Dey

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